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Birthing Destiny. Impacting Nations.

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Birthing Destiny. Impacting Nations.

Dr. V Global Ministries has been invested in the lives of people just like you, for more than 30 years. We are continuously expanding our reach, because our destiny is to help you reach yours. Dr. VGM, is Birthing Destiny and Impacting Nations.

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Dr. Venice L. McCoy

Dr. Venice L. McCoy, affectionately called Dr. V is a mentor, motivator and mother to many. Dr. V She has been sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ for  three decades and is a Prophet, Teacher, Prolific Preacher and a Pioneering anchor in the Kingdom of God.  Her gentle touch reaches lives across cultural, denominational and gender forums. She lives by the motto: "It Can Be Done."

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Dr. V Women's Network is a resource cove for women in Ministry and the Marketplace! We're here to help you reach yoursyour Destiny. We: Enhance. Empower. Equip. Connect. Cultivate. Strengthen. Secure.

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